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Event / Mar 04 2015

Tech meetup with diverse topics in MUSZI

Tip for tonight: learn more about JavaScript from our expert, Flaki

Tonight is meetup night again! This time the topic will be not surprisingly: TECHNOLOGY. The event is going to take place in the cultural centre, MUSZI at Blaha Lujza square and next to the presentations about Prezi NutShell UX, automatic brewing and electrosmog detecting, Flaki will share his thoughts with the following title: Your washing machine also runs JS? Start at 19:00, tonight!

Lecturing / Feb 25 2015

Learn about the psychology of mobile games

Our experts sharing the secrets of gamification

Kitta, our strategy director and Goro, the CEO of POSSIBLE Games will both attend the Conference of Medicine Communication organized by Kreatív. While Goro’s presentation will be an introductory to the world of mobile apps with a little history, mechanisms and psychology, Kitta is going to talk about the content hunger of brands with showing examples of successful mobile games as brand communication platforms. The event with the title: the power of psychology will be held tomorrow, so you don’t have time to forget about it!

Collaboration / Feb 25 2015

POSSIBLE x Pinetime Clothing

’Softwear’ development through an exciting collaboration

This February we surprised our team and the global management with a special gift – a signature Pinetime Clothing crewneck sweater created and designed for everyday fun.

“We wanted to thank everyone’s effort in a special way for making 2014 the most successful year ever” – said Krisztián Tóth, our CEO/CCO. „We’ve been a huge fan of this innovative Hungarian fashion brand, so the idea came quite quickly. Besides that we also wanted to help them to get some international recognition collaborating with our company.”


The designing process was supervised by experts from both sides, which teamwork’s output is a piece of sweater with many unique features:

  • We implemented the four major color of POSSIBLE – red, purple, yellow and blue –  into an ash-gray based sweater, in order to code different divisions within the company
  • the limited edition pullover is carefully tailored in two different shapes to fit both men and women, making even the chilliest days look warm and fashioned
  • the logos of POSSIBLE & Pinetime Clothing are embroidered with the highest care & quality available today
  • the hangtag is a finely polished, logo-engraved piece of wood saying: Have FUN. It’s POSSIBLE!
  • the packaging comes with a boarding pass sticker, making every single piece kind of individual marking the name and gender of the gifted. Inside composition label was designed expressly for this cooperation, too.


„The whole crew became very excited when POSSIBLE found us with the idea” – said Gergő Koczka from Pinetime Clothing. „We’ve always wanted to co-op with an innovative partner thinking out of the box and has full commitment on this unique project. Our mutual goal was to sew their digital and experimenting attitude into the finecuts of an urban gear.”

The first loads of sweaters are on their way to conquer the world – having started from Budapest - to Bucharest, Warsaw, Munich, London, Moscow, New York, Seattle, Portland, Cincinnati, Denver, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and even Singapore. It’s already creating a buzz among the POSSIBLE studios – so we're considering handing a piece to every member of our huge family.


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