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lecturing / Sep 17 2014

Ákos, Game Master of our Innovation team lecturing at the Loyalty Day

The topic is games, gamification and its presence in loyalty programs

On Thursday the Loyalty Day will happen, where Ákos will drop some knowledge about gamification, the funky buzzword you might have heard about. For those who’re not sure, gamification is a technique of
using game elements and game design methods in a non-game environment. Goals, badges, levels, leaderboards, achievements and all that kinda stuff.

So, if you’d really like to know why you’re addicted to Nike+ or what is going on behind the scenes of My Little Tesco and Wootocracy, come and see what Ákos got for you. It’s gonna be a helluva fun!

If you just got curious, read what POSSIBLE EMEA CEO Darin Brown thinks about this topic.

workshop / Sep 16 2014

Szajmon sharing wisdom about mobile apps at the University of Szeged

During the workshop peeps will have to ideate, design and present their brainchilds.

Szajmon will lead the class through all the aspects of making a mobile application. After that students will have to create their own projects. They’ll have to check the market trends, create a business model, design the look, and also the functionality of the app. When finished, all students will present their ideas to the team.

article about the workshop (HU)

University of Szeged

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